Organic and Sustainable Cannabis

Organic and Sustainable Cannabis

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    Organic and Sustainable Cannabis

    Thailand’s first Pharmaceutical Grade Cannabis Production Facility.

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    Dedication to Quality

    Powered by EU GMP Certified SoP’s, unique API’s and dedicated to providing standardised, affordable phytocannabinoid derived medicine pipelines to Thailand and Globally.

    Low Cost

    A strong focus on corporate sustainability and leveraging the Lanna region’s perfect climate for cannabis cultivation, we provide the highest quality cannabis at the best prices.


    All our operating procedures,all the way from seed to product, guarantee that you get only the best organic cannabis.

    Unique & Proprietary

    In collaboration with our international partners we are able to cultivate several strains with very unique characteristics which form the core of our IP.

    Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

    Lanna Herbal Medicines offers authentic Thai sourced cannabinoid API’s derived from Certified hemp and cannabis plants compliant with EU and Global pharmaceutical standards.

    • CBD crude, distillate and isolate

    • CBG crude, distillate and isolate

    • THC crude and distillate

    • THC crude and distillate

    • THC-Free distillate

    • CBD and CBG water soluble solid lipid nanoparticles


    Lanna Advantage

    • Pharmaceutical GMP Standard Operating Procedures.

    • Committed to ongoing Research and Development.

    • Reliable and traceable source of active ingredients and formulations.

    • Testing meets all regulatory approval for pharmaceutical production.

    Lanna Value Chain

    Lanna Herbal Medicines works in partnership with international biopharmaceutical companies with a “Nature to Medicine” strategy at the forefront of the emerging phytocannabinoid and plant derived medicine markets.

    The company’s mission is to build and supply, all global bio-pharma companies with a standardised, affordable CBD and THC APIs of the highest regulatory compliance for targeted global markets.