Organic and Sustainable Cannabis

Organic and Sustainable Cannabis

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    About Us

    About Lanna Herbal Medicines

    We are the first and only Pharmaceutical-grade CBD producer in Thailand with a full license to export our amazing in-house produce all over the world. Based in The Lanna region in Thailand, made famous for its fresh air water supply and perfect farming climate, Lanna Herbal Medicines is pioneering the way in the Thai Cannabinoid industry.

    Organic and Sustainable Cultivation in the Lush Lanna Region

    As the name suggests, Lanna Herbal Medicines prides itself on its cannabis grown in the Lan Na.

    Lan Na is the region in Thailand most sought after for farming, with very fertile sun-baked ground; conditions that are optimal for the proper cultivation of Cannabis.

    Lanna Kingdom Optimal Environmental Conditions

    The Lanna Kingdom is ringed by high mountains, teak tree forests and well stocked rivers and its fertile valleys and plains have historically been a rich source of agriculture.

    Lan Na can be literally translated as The Land of a Thousand Rice Fields.

    World Class Standards Throughout the Full Value Chain


    • - Farming

    • - Processing

    • - Extraction

    • - Distillation

    • - Lab Testing

    • - Packaging labeling/white labelling

    • - Shipping distribution export

    GMP - Utilizing MGC Pharma’s already EU GMP certified SoP’s, Lanna Herbal Medicines’ finished products are processed and tested using the highest international standards of quality in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (“GMP”)

    Tracking and Tracing
    • Ample organics plant tracking

    • True trace tracking of API shipments

    Full Suite Analytical Testing
    • Included with commercial certificate of analysis

    • Cannabinoid ratios

    • Terpenes

    • Microbiology

    • Heavy metals

    • Pesticide

    • Residual solvent